Monday, July 28, 2014

Berry Picking

Saturday we woke to a glorious summer morning...and what was on my mind?  Blackberries!  I have many memories of picking blackberries when I was a child, a tradition I want to force teach my grandkids.

It wasn't long before realizing they needed more than long sleeves and a hoodie; shoes and long pants were a good idea too.

My sweet, neurotic border collie, Sadie, is a fine berry picker. The only problem, she doesn't add any to the bucket...maybe that's a good thing!

There is something about picking blackberries that hurries the morning along. I will mention to my sweetie "just 10 more minutes" and 30 minutes later we are in the next patch still picking. It's hard to turn away when you see those big juicy berries hanging there, ripe and calling to be picked.

Look closely, you will see 2 berry pickers in that patch.

We picked about 2 gallons of berries.  I made a cobbler and a dozen jars of jam.  There are a few more "pickings" left on the vines, I hope to freeze a few more gallons for blackberry smoothies and more cobblers.



Primitive Stars said...

Morning, looks like a beautiful summer day for berry picking. Blessings Francine.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Nothing better than berry cobbler from wild berries. Fondly remember berry picking as a child--also remember all those chigger bits--not so much fun

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Lucky you to have blackberries so close to your home, there is nothing better than the taste of blackberries! Hope no one got scratched up too badly, the berries are delicious but they fight back!

Felicia said...

ummm they look yummy. good to hear from you again.

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