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 You never know what you will find behind an old cupboard door.  The kitchen was the room where the family gathered when I was growing up, just like it is today.  Not only was it the place for our meals but it was the place company and family spent time visiting.

I remember my mom opening the cupboards to pull out dishes, or pots and pans, but there were also those cupboards that held all the special things in a child's life, like the chips and candy and cookies and other treats that we begged for and believe me, we  knew which door they were behind.

There were the doors that opened to the wonderful canned veggies from our summer garden.  There were colorful jars of green beans, carrots, tomatos and tomato juice; potatos and corn.  Then the good stuff like jams and jellies; strawberry, blue berry, black berry, peach and pear preserves.

I still love old cupboards today.  They always draw me when I visit the local vintage and antique shops.  I open their doors half way expecting to find the wonderful things from my childhood but they are empty. I run my hand over the wood  or metal and imagine a mom opening them and pulling out what  she needed to prepare her family's meal or a treat to offer a child for their bed-time snack. I hear the echo of a child opening them and pulling out pots and pans to bang on; the soft whisper of a cloth as the mom wiped jellied finger prints off the surface.

When I named my place here "The Old Cupboard Door" I wanted it to be a place where those who visit feel they've reached out, pulled on the knob and found something special behind the door.  I hope you enjoy looking behind my cupboard door.



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lilraggedyangie said...

Beautiful new beginnings...I enjoyed reading the "story" of your blog...and I indeed find many beautiful things behind the door...Hugs lil raggedy Angie

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