Friday, May 30, 2014

Bizzzzzzy Working In My Gardens

I'm not the only one buzzing around my garden.  I couldn't resist stopping for a break and snapping a few photos of some bumble bees buzzing around the wisteria.  It was no small feat to takes these photos.  It almost took more patience than I have but in the end my forbearance won out.

There is nothing like standing among hundreds of blooms while several bumble bees buzz from flower to flower.

The bzzz...bzzzz sound brings back a long forgotten memory from my childhood.

As a child, there was no sitting in front of the TV or video games in the summer.

No texting friends

Or surfing the internet.

No local mall

There was a porch

And a book.

There were bicycles

And dirt roads to ride them on.

There were open fields

and a soft ball

There were neighbour houses

Where friends lived

There was a creek

And fishing poles

There was a large garden

And a hoe

And there were bees buzzing

On the vegetable blooms

The clover

And the flowers next to the porch

That is where the buzzing

Of the bumble bees

Took me.



Felicia said...

Yes me too Willa. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a kid again? Enjoy your weekend dear friend.

Shirlee said...

A lovely post Willa! Really took me back to simpler, dare I say better days : )

peggy said...

Your patience paid off. You should pin that last picture.

Patty Sumner said...

Oh my goodness Willa, that lilac is gorgeous and to catch the bee enjoying it.. priceless. So many of your memories are mine too. We grew up in a much simplier day. Days of which I miss more and more as time goes on.. Have a great Weekend.. Be blessed!

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