Friday, October 5, 2012

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We recently went home for a family reunion.  We Sweetie and I plus my son and his family.  Home is Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee area.  My Sweetie's family reunion was one day and my family reunion was was the next.  We usually stay at a cabin in Clouldland Canyon, a national park atop of Lookout Mountain in GA.  We all love to hike down to the canyon below and then huff and puff our way back up to the cabin.  But this year we stayed in a cabin on the Tennessee River located in Chattanooga.  It was a beautiful place with windows covering the front of the cabin allowing a gorgeous view of the river. I grew up near Chattanooga and I can tell you there are so many wonderful places to see and experience in that beautiful city.

My Sweetie's family came to the cabin on Saturday and my family came on Sunday.  It seems that we ate and ate and ate.  There was so much food! Honestly, I think I won't be eating much for the next week. Of course the fellowship of friends and family was the highlight.

 I took a few photos of our time  in Tennessee.  Hope you enjoy them. Oh, we did have an emergency that weekend. Our 4 year old grandson fell and ripped a huge gash in his chin.  His parents took him to the emergency room where he received 5 stitches.  Sweet little guy was so good.  He was calm cool and collected.  Not one tear while they stitched his ooowie up.  He's such a sweet heart a real superman!

foggy morning on the Tennesse River

I enjoyed getting up and sitting on the front deck of the cabin we rented.  Looking out over the River was completely relaxing.  This photos shows a slight fog over the River.  It was a peaceful morning and with coffee in hand I rocked in one of the 3 rockers the owners had sitting on the porch.  Then the kids got up!

The kids loved fishing and had papa baiting hooks all day.  Courtnee, the sweet smiling girl in the middle, was the fishergirl.  She learned to bait the hooks and then manned the poles through out the day.  I'm sure she dreamed of catching "the big one" that night. The other 2 enjoyed all the action.  There were a few near misses with the hooks as they swung their poles around and another few missses of them falling in the River. I enjoyed the view from the porch. I wasn't going down until they learned not to swing the poles.

This is a cement frog that the owner's placed near a rock garden under a walnut tree.  He is weathered and has a few patches of moss on him.  I think he's gorgeous and wanted to take him home with  me but he's not mine so I had to leave him behind. There is a persimmon tree next to him and I can imagine when no one is looking his long tongue pops out and grabs one.

There were birdhouses and birdfeeders scattered throughout the property; walnut and hickory nut trees and of course the persimmon tree. There was a firepit down by the River that we didn't have the opportunity to enjoy but there is always next year. Right? There was also a bamboo groove to the side of the property.  So convient for cutting fishing poles.

This is one of the many boats that we saw on the River.  There were speed boats, pontoons, river boats, the Discovery boat from the Chattanooga Aquarium and a couple of barges.  The mountain in the back is Racoon Mountain. The trees were beginning to turn their fall colors which this photo doesn't pick up very well but believe me this was a gorgeous view.

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cynthia lee designs said...

Beautiful photos!! Seeing them makes me miss those Tennessee mountains. My husband's family is from the Crossville area and we go there every year in the Spring or Fall for family reunions. Oh...I think I hear those hills calling my name to come back for a visit.
Have a great weekend.

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