Sunday, October 7, 2012

Longing For Home Sunday

Have you ever longed for anything?  I mean really longed?  Remember when you were a child and you longed to be a teenager?  When you were a teenager you longed to drive, then longed to have your own car? Remember when you longed to be a grown up?  Longed to be married? Longed to have a child? 

One thing I remember longing for was home.  While my husband was in the Air Force and our children were young, we often lived many miles from my childhood home, where my mom lived.  At least once a year we would go home to visit, As the days grew closer for our visit, the deeper my longing grew to see her.  She died in '09 and I miss her so much. I still long to see her and one day I will.

I have another longing that grows deeper as I get older and that is the longing for our Heavenly Home.  I recently read Carrie's, of Farming on Faith, post entitled "All I know is I'm not home yet~ this is not where I belong" and was reminded that we are made to have a longing for more than this world.  You can find Carrie's post here.  I love the song that she eluded to in her title. The song is titled "Where I Belong" by Building 424.  I hope you enjoy listening to it and that it speaks to your heart.


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