Monday, October 1, 2012

Gone but not forgotten

     One thing I will miss about summer is...the just kidding!  I will miss my flower gardens and the little visitors that drop by for a cool drink of water or just to sit in the shade.  Some times it's a bunny, sometimes a turtle, sometimes a black snake and one time it was a black bear.  I love to watch the birds gather their nesting supplies and take them to their new homesite where they build their dream home...well, that's how I like to imagine it.  I love the first rose buds in my rose garden that is right off the porch and the smell of the lavender when the wind softly blows through it. Big sigh!
     My gardens are not quite gone yet but they are making their last wave of farewell.  I still have a few roses hanging in there; they probably won't say good bye til later this month.

I wish I had taken a picture of these sunflowers while they were in their sunflower bliss, all happy and smiling. But I didn't so no use crying over spilled milk.  Anyway, they have been a delicious source of food for the birds; they are a great plant to attract birds to your gardens.  I have enjoyed these sunny flowers this year.  Last year when we planted them they weren't so happy and didn't grow or bloom.  This year we put them in the veggie garden; they must have liked it there. The structure in the back that looks like a tree house is the launch pad for the zipline my Sweetie and son put in this summer.  I will have to tell the story of my Sweetie's adventure on the zipline sometimes.  But for now let me just say it was filled with words like emergency, stitches, concussion and contusions.

This welcome sign has been a part of this garden since I first planted it back in '05.  It is a little weathered and worn but in my opinion that makes it perfect.  This particular garden has daylillies, one rose bush and some bee balm.  It really needs some TLC this fall, the daylillies need to be divided and I need to pull the bee balm up and plant something else in its place.   I usually put a scarecrow in this garden since it's in front of the garage.  I'll have to pull him out soon and put him in his chair so he can do his duty of keeping the crows away. He's very good about letting me take his picture, I'll share him soon.

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