Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Canister Set

 A few weeks ago I wrote a post about these canisters.  At that time I had two options

Option One
Paint the canisters

Option Two
Paint a simple chalkboard square on the front

I stalled and stalled because I wanted to change them but I was torn about what to do.

In life I have found that if I am not certain about something, I need to wait. And as you know, that is what I did.  However, what you may not know is that I wasn't waiting passively, I was waiting and thinking and sketching and puzzling.

While I was in the process, my puzzling was along the lines of what do I really want..what look do I wish to achieve....if I went to a store that had 25 of these canisters all dolled up, what would I choose.

The next step was to surf the Net. This helped me choose what look I was going for.  I noticed that I was drawn to the farmhouse pantry look; the clear jars.  I wanted something simple and practical.  I loved the soft colors of yester-years.  I began to add these details to my sketch and pretty soon I had what I wanted.

It was time to put it together.  I found the glass drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby along with the signs. I picked up the round disks and stencil at Michaels and the jute at Walmart.  I had the paint from a few years ago and decided it was a perfect color for the vintage look I wanted.

I used non-toxic paints

The Lids
First coat was the primer
Second coat was a rusty color
Final two coats were the soft vintage green

Disks On Lid
First coat primer
Second coat the rusty color
final two coats the soft vintage green

The Sign
First coat was primer
Second coat was the rusty color
I applied a thin coat of Elmer's Glue to create a crackle affect
Let Elmer's Glue dry until slightly tacky
Two coats of an antique white
Once second coat is dry
Stencil with a buttermilk color

Round Disk On sign
First coat primer
Second coat rusty color
Final two coats the soft vintage green

Stencil the letters on the round disk.

Lightly sand the top coats down until you achieve the look you want

Glue the lid disks together, center the disks on the lid and use a drill bit that matches the size you need for the drawer pull screw. Thread the drawer pull through the hole and add the hardware that comes with it.
Center the lettered disk on the sign and glue with wood glue. Once this is glued  clamp it down (I used some clothes pins) and let it dry overnight. 

Seal the lids and sign with a non-toxic sealer

Once it's dried drill the holes in the corners for the jute.

Cut the jute a little longer than the size you need to hang your sign on the jar.

Loosely tie the jute to the neck of the jar and thread the ends through the hole in the sign.  Work with it until you have the sign level, tie a knot at the holes and cut off the excess.

I'm happy I waited until I came up with the idea of what I wanted for these canisters. I like the soft vintage farmhouse/cottage look.  Now, I'm on the look out for some scoops to go in them.



Carolyn said...

Willa, they are wonderful! Everything you do turns out so beautifully. Congrats! :o)

Barb said...

Fabulous Willa!
They turned out so great!
Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy your day,

cynthia lee designs said...

Your canisters turned out great!! I have those same canisters, but I never thought of doing a makeover on them. You have given me food for thought.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love what you came up with. I have a couple of old ones that were my grandmothers and I treasure them! I have cookie cutters in mine though. Sweet hugs!

Sheila said...

Your canister project came out wonderful.......love your final decision and great instructions too.

Raggedy Creations said...

They look great Willa. I love them.

Patricia said...

Willa....great job, the extra time you spent thinking and researching really paid off!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love them Willa.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love these Willa!
Thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

Willa, they turned out so pretty. You never miss a trick to make something cute even prettier. Creativity flows through you like water. Love them!! ((hugs))

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