Saturday, January 11, 2014

Work in Progress....

I have had a headache for a few days.  I actually think it's related to sinus stuff but suspiciously it started last weekend when I decided to work on my blog.  I first should state that I have a practice blog called "The Rustic Cupboard"; It's a test blog where I practice my not so savvy technical skills.  Anytime I want to make changes to the Old Cupboard Door, I try them first on "The Rustic Cupboard" that way I don't end up with a messed up main blog.  With that said, for some crazy reason I dived right into making changes to the "Old Cupboard Door" and ended up in a mess.  For anyone who visited my blog at that time you probably wondered what in the world was going on.  I spent a whole day and a half trying to fix my errors.  By the end of the first day, I had one big headache, literally!
In case you don't know, I love Pinterest and use it as one of my go to-s for information and research.  I recently created a board called "Let's Blog" and pinned quite a few items I wanted to look at later.  Later finally arrived and I spent a whole evening looking through those pins and reading ways I can improve my blog.  I've been implementing several of those how to-s.  A few of these sites mentioned that a black background is one of the hardest backgrounds for people to read.  Yikes, that's exactly what I had, I knew I needed to make some changes.  After several trial and error, color changes, font changes, header changes and more, I finally decided on the soft grey background with black font.  I do hope it's easy for everyone to read. In defence of black backgrounds, I have no problem reading them and they do show off a photo very well.

Oh, another biggie was replying to comments.  I don't know why I haven't set up the email reply earlier and my apologies to all those who leave lovely comments and haven't received a reply back.  It's all set up now. Also, I have removed my comment verification so it is easier for you to leave a comment. Honestly, I hate those things and didn't realize I hadn't unchecked it on my blog.

I've watched tutorials on how to install buttons...check...added those.  Also, a tut for adding a signature...check..done that!  How to center a post title...check. Little by little I am making changes that I hope you will enjoy and which will bring you back to visit often.

Now with the main work on my blog finished, I can start painting and sharing my finished items with you.



Raggedy Creations said...

Hey Willa. I made changes to my blog also. I actually can see a black background pretty well but I also read its hard for alot to see so I changed mine too.

I think your blog looks great. I love your header pic.

Cute pink tool set too.


countercrafts said...

So good to see you posting again! Maybe you can get me inspired to post on has been way too long! Loved the pink tool kit...may have to get me one of those, so I will know where my tools are!!! I have enjoyed the snowmen heads on spools that I purchased from you so much! Always think of you when I look at them. Hope you are feeling better and no more headache! I agree with you about it being sinus...I have been fighting the same thing. Take Care of yourself! God Bless! Donna Mills

Patty Sumner said...

I understand completely Willa... Blog land can be a hassle and yet a blessing too. Anytime you make changes it is a job. I need to take some time to gussy my blog up too. There are so many great ideas out there but can be a definite work to get them in place.. by the way, your blog looks great. Have a great Sunday.. Blessings!

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

You are not alone Willa, I have made disastrous changes on my blog too on more than one occasion! The worst part is trying to remember what it is you did that messed everything up! Like your new look very much and although I do love black BG's I had read that some folks do have trouble reading them so never did have one on my blog. The grey looks very nice! Happy blog tweaking :O) Deb

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