Monday, July 8, 2013

Dining Room Tables

My Sweetie and I have been shopping for a dining room table.  Currently, we have an antique round pedestal table made from solid maple.  I have to admit I like this table and I hate to let it go but we need a larger table, perhaps a harvest table.  There are 8 of us who eat dinner together 4 times a week and the table we have only seats 4 (it will seat 6 if we add the leaf) so, the kids sit at the table and the adults sit at the kitchen bar.  We've been talking about getting a larger table for a while but I've been putting it off for several reasons:

1) I hate to give up my current table
2) A harvest table with 8 chairs is expensive
3) I'm having a hard time making up my mind
4) I'm not fond of shopping for furniture

Plus a few other reasons. 

We've looked in several different stores but are no closer to making a decision than when we started. What I "think" I want is a painted set similar to this one.  I love the painted part but prefer a darker stain.  This table actually extends to 104 inches.  I also like that it's all wood with no particle or vaneers.  I like the buffet that goes with it.  It's a great set.

I like the color of this set and the china hutch that goes with it is gorgeous as well.  Sorry my Sweetie didn't take a photo of the hutch.

I like this one too and the table and chairs were a great price but the additional cost for the paint and stain put it up there with the high end finished furniture.  I know, we could do it ourselves but our plate is full with other projects we are trying to complete.

Love this table, I'm a big fan of Kincaid funiture and this fits my cottage style. The china hutch is a perfect fit too.  I found this one online but would love to see the actual set.  You can see the specs on this table HERE

It's probably going to take a few more months before we make a decision.  Until
then, I'll enjoy the one I have and dream about the future Maywood Cottage dining set.

Till next time



Karen said...

Good morning Willa,
What a great display of table set examples.
I can understand the dilemma - so many styles to choose from and the price - I like all stained for myself but if it had to be pained I like the table legs and chairs painted and a stained table top.
Good luck with the decision.

Raggedy Creations said...

They are all pretty Willa. I think I like the last one myself but I would probably paint the legs on the table and chairs black.


Roberta said...

Our son is moving out and DH suggested giving our kitchen chairs to him. I've been wanting to replace them for awhile, too, so I'm happy with the suggestion. Hope we can come to an agreement on a new style! I love the Kincaid example. ~Roberta

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