Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brrrrr....It's cold outside!

This cold weather certainly is pepping up my Christmas mood!  I have to admit, I simply have not had that "it's Christmas" feeling!  I've decorated (well mostly), shopped, baked, cleaned, listened to Christmas music and thought about wrapping presents but none of that has pushed me into the Christmas Thyme mood.  Well, Christmas isn't really a mood but you guys know what I mean.  I've enjoyed looking at  the Christmas decorations that other's have posted; the recipes, and tutorials as well.

I'm sharing a few of my handmade Christmas ornaments that I enjoy hanging on my tree(s) each year.  I have a few that I have made and many I've recieved from ornament exchanges.

This Christmas ginger is an ornament my daughter made for a fund raiser.  She had a couple left over and I was fortunate enough to recieve one.

You probably recognize this little guy.  He's one of the snowpokes from the tutorial I posted a couple of years ago.  He's been a popular craft show seller and a great ornament to stick in a gift bag.
I love the simplicity of this ornament, I used a round wooden disk that I had on hand in my supply box. It is so simple to make and is great to use with a gift tag on a bag.  I'v also added them to stockings.

The top snow fella in this photo is another ornament from a tutorial I did here at The Old Cupboard Door. I love his toothy grin!  These ornaments are the perfect size for filling in those small areas on the tree.  The snowflake snowman is made from a wooden snowflake.  I had a few of these snowflakes left over from another project I worked on.  I love it's sweet little face!  So simple!
This ornament is made from a wooden disk that is 6 inches in diameter.  I painted snowman scene on it and added snowflakes around the rim to look like numbers on a clock.  A white chain is a watch chain.  It was a fun piece to paint and is a larger ornament that fills in those empty places that hides the trunk of the tree.
This is another painted wooden disk but with a different scene...of course. I love the peppermint center rim; a peppermint key along with a tag were added to finish it.
These are just a few of my ornaments.  Once the tree is taken down, I put the ornaments in a couple of vintage suitcases I painted a few of years ago.  This one is a design by Renee Mullins. I still love bringing it out every Christmas Season.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at a few of my hand painted ornaments.  I hope to share a few more in the next week before Christmas.
Till Next Time...Enjoy the Season


Angela said...

Good morning WIlla. Love all the winter ornaments. Maybe if they were on my tree, we would get the cold weather you have. It is going to be in the 60's here and we have been in the 70's first of the week and storm warnings were out. I want COLD so bad for Christmas, but guess I would have to leave home for that. Also love that suitcase. You do beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love all your painted creations. Snowmen are my favorite! Love that suitcase! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sheila said...

One can never have to many snowmen around! Love them all Willa!
Bless you and yours~

Shirlee said...

I do so love your painting : )

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