Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Town

I feel so fortunate to live in the Shenandoah Valley area of Virginia, at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I didn't grow up in this area, I  grew up at the Southern end of the Appalachian Mountains in Northeast Alabama; that's right, I'm a deep South gal.  I came to this beautiful area when my Sweetie retired from the Air Force.  It was the area I hoped we would settle in.  We moved here over 11 years ago and I must say I'm still in love with it, especially this time of year.  Let me show you in a few photos why I love My Town...

My Town, as I stated earlier, is at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We can see these mountains on 3 sides of us. The mountain behind us is called the Massanutten Mountain, an area we enjoy hiking in.  The Shenandoah River snakes it's way through My Town.  Coming into town, you cross the North Fork of the River and just a few yards up the road, you cross the South Fork of the same river.

My Town is not a large Town; it's small and quaint.  This is a photo of Main Street.  The street is bordered by antique shops, a local coffee shop, a few restaurants, all housed in historical buildings. This time of year the crowds swell as people from all around the area come here to drive the scenic Skyline Drive and enjoy the autumn colors.

Last Sunday, after church, my Sweetie and I walked down Main Street in My Town and I snapped the photos in this post with my phone camera.  We walked through the antique shops, just browsing, not really looking for anything in particular.  I stopped and admired these pumpkins outside of one of the antique shops and decided to take a photo.

At one end of Main Street in My Town there is a place called The Gazebo; most Friday nights you will find a band playing for the crowds that gather there.

The Gazebo, as well as the sidewalks on Main Street, are paved with  original antique brick pavers.

Beautiful maple and oak trees surround the Gazebo in My Town. Antique lamps also surround the Gazebo and line both sides of Main Street  While we were walking on Main Street last weekend, I failed to take a photo of the Gazebo but if you can imagine what a large Gazebo looks like, well you will have a good picture of what My Town Gazebo looks like.

That's a brief glimpse of My Town. Thanks for taking a stroll with me.

Till Next Time.



Sheila said...

Willa I absolutely love todays post! Thank you for sharing "My Town" with us, I place that I would love to visit. Fall is my favorite time of year with the rich autumn colors and the change in the air. What peaceful place it must be.

annie said...

lovely post, aren't you blessed to live there! thanks for sharing!

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