Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pumpkin Pancakes

One of  my favourite pancakes to make are pumpkin pancakes so I simply could not resist this pattern at Terrye Frenche's "Painting with Friends".  My sweetie and I make pumpkin pancakes this time of year and cook up a batch of apple cider syrup to go with them.  Yummmm...delcious! Isn't this a perfect piece to add to the kitchen decor for Autumn Thyme?  My daughter in law has asked me to paint her one once their kitchen remodel is finished.  I had so much fun painting this one, well, I simply might start her's before their remodel is done.

I painted this Pumpkin Pancake design on a round noodle board that I cut from 1 inch pine.  I've added a tag and a key then tied it all together with a piece of homespun and burlap.  This was such a fun design to paint.

My Etsy shoppe has been on vacation for quite a while.  With my work schedule it's been hard to find time to paint and keep the shoppe stocked with 8 - 10 items. I've been considering a selling blog and have one in the making. It will be called "The Old Rustic Cupboard" and will be opening within the next week.  I've cut out several bread boards and noodle boards, plus I have coffee pots, tea kettles and other items I need to clear out of my basement; they will be items I will be painting and adding to my selling blog. At least that is my plan.

This bread board is 26.95 plus 9.50 shipping; if you are interested in purchasing this bread board email me at Please add Pumpkin Pancakes in the subject line.

Hope everyone is having a good week.



Sheila said...

Hello Dear Willa!
What a sweet new design and the title sure caught my eye too! We LOVE pumpkin pancakes at our house and it's the most requested item on the breakfast menu! I agree this would be a great fall/year round pretty in the kitchen.
I hope your selling blog goes well and I will have to visit soon.
Just brought out the fall coffee pot I purchased from you a year or two ago. Enjoy your week.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love your new painting, Willa! I have never had pumpkin pancakes. I pinned a recipe on Pinterest to make them.

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