Monday, October 3, 2011

My Autumn Tree

Hi Blogger Friends. I've had some intentions to do a Fall tree for a few years but each year I don't...don't know why, except...I don't. This year I finally pulled out a prim tree, bought some decorations and whaaalaaa! Ok, I know it needs a few homemade ornies which in on my list of things to do and I will hit the sales for more ornies and stuff.
I used a piece of burlap fabric to wrap the base of the tree in. One of these days I might make a fall tree skirt for it. But you know how those intentions go. BTW, I only have the front and one side of the tree decorated so far. I'll move things around once I have more decorations. Oh, check out the little bell acorns. They are so cute. Speaking of shopping for decorations....we finally have a Hobby Lobby in our area. Oh my! I love that place! I really have to stay away from Hobby Lobby because I absolutely cannot resist the temptations in that place. Fortunately it is a 30 min drive from my house so I won't be going everyday....big sigh of relief and a big sigh of disappointment. OK, I have a story to tell you......

Fall is definitely in the air! Last Friday night we built a bon fire and roasted hot dogs and made smores. It was a cool brisk fall evening and the heat from the fire kept us nice and toasty. The grandkids enjoyed the event....of course. We also made campfire pop corn and roasted some peanuts. Anyway, our grand kids are 8, 7, 5 and 3 years old; anyone with kids (or grandkids) can attest to the fact that "kids say the darndest things". After the meal, my Sweetie and I were sitting around the fire talking with the grandkids and singing different silly songs. My Sweetie started singing "found a peanut". I'm sure this song has many versions but our stanza versions go...

Found a peanut

It was rotten

Ate it anyway

It made me sick

Called the doctor

Said I wouldn't die

Died anyway

I went the other way

Shoveling coal.

Then the song starts over (like the 99 bottles of coke on the wall)

One stanza in the song caught the attention of the oldest grandchild; that stanza was "I went the other way". She wanted to know what it meant so we told her. That led to a discussion of heaven and hell. This same precious grandchild said "I hope there are handrails in heaven". At first my husband and I fell silent and then burst out laughing. Understanding the only possible meaning for that comment, we asked her, anyway, what she meant. She said, " I don't want to fall off a cloud when I am looking over the side of it, I'm going to need to hold onto a handrail". When we finally recovered from our laughing and giving her hugs because she is so sweet, we talked more about heaven so she would have a clearer understanding of it. My Sweetie told her we all die and then asked her, when she dies and if she stands before God and He asks her "why should I let you into my heaven" what would she say? She hemmed and hawed from one answer to another that didn't meet the desired answer my Sweetie was looking for; then she finally said "Ok... I would just spit that peanut out". Our 5 year old listened to the discussion and piped up with a few answers of her own but I'm saving that for another post. We had a wonderful time around the campfire with the grandkids. We plan to do a few more before winter sets in.

Til next time



Cat Haven Crafts said...

Love your peanut story and your Autumn tree is beautiful. I bet it looks amazing at night!

Carol said...

Oh Willa, we've had to turn our fireplace on too. Brrr. Love your Autumn tree, it's beautiful. I can imagine that conversation... kids tell it like it is and it's so fortunate they have a gramma like you to be there for them to explain.

Raggedy Creations said...

Wow Willa, the autumn tree is beautiful. You did a splendid job.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love your autumn tree, Willa. Another awesome project created by you. Have a wonderful week!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Wonderful story Willa - love the part about spitting the peanut out. Too cute....And adorable tree! Love the little acorn bells....Sorry I'm late in commenting, but for some reason, when this post came up, I couldn't access it - it kept saying page not found, even though the title showed on the blog update page....Hmmmmm....Oh well, better late than never I guess! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Angie Berry said...

Love your autumn tree Willa! I keep a tree up year round that I decorate for the different seasons/holidays and I just have so much fun with it! I totally love the idea of burlap around the base of the tree, very cute! I think it's perfect, especially if you decide to use this tree for more than just fall.

Yes, those little acorn bells are adorable! I'm glad you finally got a Hobby Lobby in your area. I worked for them for 19 years and my home is full of things I bought there or handmades with supplies I bought from there, lol. I always spent way too much $$ because I saw it every single day. I worked in the Seasonal department and it was so fun to see all the new pieces each week. =]

Glad you had a great time with the grandkids. There is nothing more precious than those teachable moments where we share God with them, love when that stuff pops up!!

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