Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Sparkle of Snow

We received a dusting of snow last night so I took my new camera out this morning to capture some of the sparkle.  Have you ever noticed that when the sun hits that white stuff that it sparkles like a gemstone? I love that part of snow.

I have been busy painting.  I started a new one a couple of days ago but the sparkle is gone.  Yes, the paint brush still picks up the paint and adds it to the canvas but my desire to work on it just isn't there.  I'm not sure why I'm stuck with this one.  I like the subject matter and I can see the finished work in my head.  This is usually enough to keep me going but at the moment it's an "oh bother, I need to paint".  I hate that feeling.  But, I've made a commitment to paint at least 30 mins a day even if I don't want to so I know I will get past this soon.

Oh, by the way, I am painting a copper flower bucket holding Queen Anne's Lace.  I love painting this type of least it looks like a flower to me.  I recently read that the old timers called it "Wild Carrot" and used it in a variety of recipes.  



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