Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When Hope Bloomed

It was sitting back in the corner,



It hadn't had a drink of water in days.

Day by day, people passed it by, they couldn't hear its cry to stop

To look

To take notice of it.

They couldn't see its potential

They were looking at the finer pieces

The beautiful ones

It seemed all hope was gone.

It wasn't going to make it


Then She stopped

Picked it up

Turned it around

Looked at it

Really looked at it

She carried it a few paces

Then returned it back to the corner

Sat it down in the dark again

It longed for the sun


She's stopping

Turning around

 Coming back

She picked it up again

A ray of hope

She placed it in a moving vehicle

Took it to a home

Put it in the ground

In a sunny spot

Watered it

Fed it

Believed in it

Something stirred

Hope grew

Hope bloomed

That's the story of this beautiful rose. I found it in a dark corner of a local nursery.  It was dried up and was going to be tossed out. I took a chance and asked if I could have it.  I brought it home and from the photo you can see, it has rewarded me for giving it a home in a sunny spot in my garden.



Margs Primitive Quilts said...

A beautiful story!

lilraggedyangie said...'s good to take chances indeed...Hugs lil raggedy Angie

Raggedy Creations said...

It is beautiful Willa.

I'm glad you saved it.

Tracy Cotton Pickin Cute said...

That's such a beautiful story just like your rose. I was just over visiting our new (1 yr) neighbors today and he was planting over 150ft of roses. It sure is going to be beautiful. I hope they grow for him here in our heat as well as they did in the DC/Virginia area. I'm pretty jealous today, they just starting building a pool. :(

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