Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Through The Eye Of A Lens

13 inches of snow...that's the what we ended up with from the last winter storm. Generally, our roads are plowed out not long after a winter storm but for some reason we were overlooked.  House bound, I decided there was only one way out..walking.  I donned my hiking attire, attached my "gators" and pulled on my hiking boots. Winter jacket and ear muffs, gloves in pocket, I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.

The road less traveled was my chosen path.  This road leads through our woods behind the house and down to a dirt road that is seldom used.

Each foot fall was an effort as I trudged my way through the deep snow. But oh how it was worth it.  The morning was silent as I walked, an occasional distant squeal of children playing in the snow and the sound of swift winged birds flying by. It was perfect.

My camera ready, I let my  mind settle down to the task at hand.  What does my camera want to see?

It's funny how a camera will see something different than I do.  I see a big picture, large and full but the camera is focused, it cuts out the peripheral, is attentive to what is in its frame; everything narrowed down to that frame.

When I download the photos, I'm amazed.  I couldn't see the details until my camera revealed them to me.

Maybe I should live life a little more often like the lens of a camera.  I don't want to miss the beautiful people/things around me because I'm busy looking at the peripheral.



Natalie said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the stump with the tree rings and the light coming through the trees. Thanks for sharing.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh I had to comment and read this post, 13 inches, and here I thought our 6 inches yesterday were a lot.

I use the camera to "see" when I am trying to discern something, the line of a fold of a garment, the way a grouping of objects looks on a's true, it sees what we miss, and that's good.


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