Monday, June 3, 2013

Zipping Through the Trees...

On Memorial Day 2013. 

Hi Blogger Friends.  I wanted to share with you some of the action on Memorial Day 2013 here at Maywood Cottage.  We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs and since it was a cool day we lit a fire in the outdoor fireplace.  We had our meal around the fireplace and when it was all said and done my Mr opened the launch pad for the zipline and the race was on.

First up was Courtnee;  She loves zipping down the line but she isn't to keen on climbing the ladder to the launch pad but once she was settled into the harness and launched down the line, she was a happy camper.  Unfortunately my photo of her in action was blurred; this one is after she had hit the brake and was waiting to be lifted off the line.

Next up was Megan.  This girl is not afraid of heights, she shimmied up the ladder like it was second nature.  As a matter of fact, her and Alex stayed up in the launch pad (they think it's a tree house) till the line was closed.  I managed a great shot of her zipping down the line.

Alex, was patient while waiting for his turn. There's no fussing or arguing when the zipline is open and the kids are waiting, my Sweetie can't be distracted trying to harness up the one on the platform and settling disputes that have erupted.  Anyway, he's all smiles as he zips through the air. 

But poor Tony!  No amount of begging, bribing or cajoling would coach him up that ladder.  His dad tried reasoning but that boy had his heels dug in and firmly planted on Terra firma.  So, he was pulled up the line to the launch pad.  As you can see he wasn't happy about being pulled all the way to the top.  He wants to go halfway up and the rest of the way down.  He actually loves to zip down the line but he wants to do it on his terms. For a daredevil kind of kid, it's surprising he's afraid but that launch line is 20 feet in the air and that's pretty high for a little guy.

Here he is a happy camper to be on the ground...that's his puppy Tyler.  Tyler loves to be out when the kids are on the zipline.  I think he wants to keep an extra eye on their safety.  Once Tony was on the ground he said he wanted to sit around the fire, he wasn't going to trust that things would be on his terms anymore, he had passed the threshold of no return in that regard.

The day soon came to an end and the zipline had to be closed for the night.  It was a great day of fun and family.  And since it was Memorial Day I can say that our day was made possible by those who fought and died for the liberty we enjoy.

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Raggedy Creations said...

Looks like a good time was had by all.


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