Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Word...if you please

I don't know if you have heard about the "One Word" for the year.  In essence it's sincerely and maybe prayerfully considering a word that you want to live by for the year 2013.  It seems easy enough to pull a word out of the hat but that's not been the case for me.  I think of one word that would fit great, a word that would make me work to strive to live up to but then another word jumps out of the hat and I think, yes, that would be a great word to live by this year too.  Here is one of the words I have been considering.  I'll share some more in a couple of future posts.

Seek: only four letters but a very big word!  How would my life (or your life) and the lives of others around me (us) be impacted if we were to strive to live this word?  Here are some examples I thought of if this were my Word for the year.

1) Seek to love my family and friends more deeply and devotedly.  That would not only change me but would change them as well.

2) Seek to help those in need.  If I really did this, it would definitely be life changing. 

3) Seek to be free from vises that distract me from goals I have set.  What could I really accomplish if I let go of things that hinder me?

4) Seek a deeper and more fulfilling walk with God.  This one needs no explanation.

5) Seek to be happy.  Look for the good things in life rather than the bad, especially with all the bad news that has filled the air waves of late. Don't let anyone or anything steal my happy!  I believe God gives us joy that is different from happiness. That joy comes from knowing Him, it's there whether I happy or not.

6) Seek to live a purposeful life; there is a reason we are here.

7) Seek to better myself in a meaningful way. Perhaps it's to be more patient, or to be kind. Or maybe to be more giving rather than selfish, especially when it matters most.

These are just a few examples, believe me, I could go on and on.  Every one of these examples would take effort, I think that is what this One Word for the New Year is all about.  It would shake us out of the lethargic way some of us live our lives and help us to be more aware of living life.

Do you have a Word to strive to live by this year?  If not perhaps you will be inspired to consider one.

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