Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Count Down....

Now that the count down for the end of the world has ended, the count down for Christmas has started and it seems like everyone has come out of their bunkers and are hurrying about to finish their Christmas shopping.  Actually, I think it's always this busy in the stores this time of year, I simply choose to forget the madness of it until it's time to face it again.  Our shopping and preparations are pretty much completed....oh no...except for the wrapping, my least favorite part of the season!  Well, don't you worry, I'll have it done before the big day, even if it takes all night!

I didn't do much decorating this year but I did manage to do the mantle. I also pretty-upped the staircase but the lights aren't working so I won't be sharing a photo. There's a few of my favorite pieces scattered here and there but a lot of the decorations remained in the boxes.  I'm enjoying this simple little Christmas!

This sled usually goes out on the porch but I didn't decorate the porch this year...I hope Santa won't it found a place by the fireplace. I used some fresh evergreens and some clear bulbs, pine cones and snowflakes.  The bow is missing because I couldn't find any ribbon.  I know I have some around here somewhere.....I'll probably find it after Christmas, that's usually the case.

I found this basket at a local swap meet for 5.00 a couple of summers ago.  I left it in its "raw" state because of the beautiful patina it has.  I filled it with small cut logs and topped it with fresh evergreens and some pinecones. I found the pinecones I used for this and the sled piece while I was walking Sadie one afternoon.  I love to place this basket in front of the fireplace which makes Mr C fuss with concern that the house is going to burn down. Don't worry, I move it before we light the fire.

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Karen said...

Beautiful decorating...I love seeing skates on sleds

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