Friday, October 12, 2012

LeT iT sNoW

I've enjoyed reading many of the autumn blog posts  and looking through their beautiful fall photos.  It  seems like fall suddenly came upon us even though it has taken all summer to get here.

So why does my blog post title say "Let it Snow" rather than "Autumn's Finery? Well one reason is earlier this week we saw snow a little north east of us...In October!  also, it's because I recently finished painting this bread board. I know I've said it here time and time again that I enjoy painting on bread boards, I think it's because they are easy to prime and patterns fit easily on them. When I'm anxious to finish a project it goes much faster if I'm not spending time priming the surface and trying to arrange how the design will go on the project.

I rusted my own jingle bells, they are easy to do and I like having the option of having different sizes in stock to use.  

I've heard that it is going to be a snowy, cold winter but I've also heard it's going to be another mild winter here in Northern VA. If all the acorns that have fallen onto my lawn are indicators, well, I have to agree with the group that's predicting cold and snowy. I love snow but prefer it in inches rather than feet, unless I can stay home in front of the fire and paint...of course!

Till Next Time



TheCrankyCrow said...

Awwww....your snow fella is adorable, Willa! Yes, we had snow here too last weekend. Too early for me. And with the drought from the summer, I'm suspecting Old Man Winter might be thinking he has to "take up the slack" precipitation wise this winter. Hopefully we can convince him otherwise! :o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Barbara Jean said...

very cute. glad to find your sweet blog, via you comment on mine.


Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Another Beautiful Creation Willa! I Love your paintings! have a wonderful week!

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