Friday, September 21, 2012

The Last Days of Summer

Here in Northern Virginia the nights are getting cooler and the days are growing shorter.  I can feel the autumn breeze blowing those hot summer days away.  I know most of you hate to see summer come to an end but I'm not a summer person so its slow ebb into Autumn is my cup of tea!
We've been busy gathering in the harvest from our small garden.  This is a photo of my granddaughter and grandson enjoying some time with Nana picking green beans. I couldn't resist "snapping" a photo of them when I saw their sweet little faces peeking out among the green bean vines! They've been so helpful picking the beans and tomatoes.  My granddaughter has been interested in the whole process of planting, growing , gathering and processing the harvest.  I think she will be the "harvest keeper" in the family's future.  It's a joy to teach her what I was taught when I was her age.

I'm anxiously awaiting pumpkins to arrive at the local nurseries.  We've tried growing them but they were mostly vines and little fruit.  They took up a lot of space for what little they offered.  I'm sure we should have added a little of this or less of that to the garden area where they were planted;  I would like to try again but this time we will do our homework and find out the best growing conditions for them.

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Karen said...

Good morning Willa...what a beautiful photo of your grandchildren among the beans - I love these kinds of shots - they make for memories.
Oh don't you just love it when our grandchildren love what we do - makes us not feel quite so out of it! lol

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