Monday, January 3, 2011

Look who got a haircut!

No, it wasn't me, although I need one too. Sadie was looking so ratty and smelling quite houndy to boot. I had planned on making an appt with her at the doggy spa (that's what I call the groomers) but it was such a nice day out, I decided to clip, cut, wash and phoof her myself. I trimmed out all the rats nests and raked out all the undercoat. I trimmed off her haunches ( I call them her leaf collectors)and all the long dangly hair so she has a nice, clean, close cut. I then tricked her outside for her bath; giving her a bath in the shower or tub is just too much stress for both of us. Anyway, I scrubbed and scrubbed, then rinsed and rinsed; finally came the part she likes the best...with a towel I tosseled her rich curly coat, massaging her up and down her back...hmmm, I would like that too. It's amazing how frisky she is once she's done. I can tell she feels good and if I didn't know better I would say she struts around wanting everyone to notice how good she looks. She loves to be clean even though she doesn't enjoy the process. Her black and white coat just shines when I’m done. The white on her is so clean and white it actually sparkles, I kid you not. I can relate to this in my spiritual life. At times I end up looking ratty and smelling a little houndy. All the little things that do not support a growing spiritual life that brings me closer to my Lord ends up making a tangled mess in me, I’m sure it must be a terrible stench to my Master. But He loves me enough to get out the soap and clippers and do His good work in me. He clips and scrubs and rinses and rinses until there is a shining gleaming heart, with a touch of sparkle, in me again. I can honestly say I don’t enjoy the process either but, like Sadie, I certainly enjoy the finished work. To have a clean and undefiled conscience is priceless. It is something only God can give; it's not bought with our good works or our many prayers, it's a gift from Him that happens when we allow Him to do His work in us.

This one is just because she looks so cute! I wish the photo would allow you to see how the white on her coat sparkles. One day I was walking her after her bath and I kept seeing a flash of something glittery on the white at the back of her neck. I thought she had gotten into some of my "glamour dust" that I use on my crafts. Believe me, it's not a far stretch of the imagination because she thinks everything in our house has to be IBDOS'd, that is "Inspected By the Department of Sadie". But, upon closer examination I discovered her white fur actually did have a sparkle. If she didn't get into so much trouble I could...possibly...maybe....think she was part angel.

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Til next time;



Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

Hi Willa: Thank you for stopping by my blog, posting my snowman and signing up for my giveaway. Best of luck.

SANDI said...

How precious! What a beautiful dog you have....

Angie Berry said...

Aw, Sadie is so beautiful! I love her black and white spotted paws.

So very true Willa. Thankful that our loving Savior takes the time to clean us and wash us up. Thankful that He loves us enough to take care of us!

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