Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing Catch Up

For a couple of weeks it seemed that I couldn't get anything done. I posted about that in a previous post. Last week I finally got behind the eight ball and worked on getting some items finished for my Etsy shop. I ended up with 6 painted items by the end of the week. I have to admit there were a few late nights but when I am in the mood to paint, I paint. It doesn't do any good to go to bed and pretend it's time to sleep when my mind is in a whirl thinking about painting. It's funny how that seems when I am busy, busy, busy, my mind is busy too. My body may want to slow down or shut down but my mind stays in gear and there is no putting the brakes on til it is ready to slow down. I talked with a cashier in Walmart Monday; I asked her if she hears the beep, beep,beep of the checkout scanner in her sleep. She told me no but she does dream of being at work when she has had a busy day. Hmmm, sounds like her mind isn't ready to rest either. I wonder why when we are super busy we dream of being busy in our sleep.

This match stick holder is one of the items I finished. I should say "finally" because I have had it for a while. I would pull it off the shelf and then put it back, pull it off and put it back. I'm not sure why I wasn't ready to paint it each time I pulled it off the shelf because I had such a fun time painting this design on it. I have another match stick holder that is smaller. I found it at an antique shop a few weeks ago. It is a handmade piece; on the back of it the gentleman who made it craved his name and the date. That one will probably sit on my shelf for a while too. Mainly, because I am trying to make up my mind if I want to keep it or sell it. Sometimes I can’t let an item go.


Levijane said...

Your work is beautiful! I hear what you are saying about putting a project on hold for now apparent reason. I too "dance around" a project sometimes and don't know why. And then I also can't stop a project i'm "in to" regardless of what time it is. My guess would be we are not the only ones who are like that. :)
Warm Wishes:

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Love what you did with this piece! I too have many pieces that I start to paint and then I'm "not ready" to finish them so back on the shelf they go...LOL! Its hard to explain but unless a piece giving me that....I can't wait to finish this feeling...I put it aside till it calls my name again.....I have to be absolutely loving how a piece is coming out to finish you are not alone!

Angie Berry said...

Three of my favorite things: flags, saltbox houses, sheep! I love this matchbox holder!

Well, you're not the only one girl. My mind and body work the same way which is why I go to bed so late. Also, my free time is after 10pm when my husband leaves for work and the kids are asleep. If I get started on something, I sure don't want to stop! Even though it's a busy time of my life, I enjoy my family while I can and while they are still here.

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