Friday, February 12, 2010

This vintage Eagle oil can was so much fun to paint. I can’t wait to do another one. I painted a Terrye French design on it and added a prim tag with a strip of homespun. What a wonderful Spring piece, it certainly picks me up out of the Winter doldrums, especially with all this snow we’ve had.

I found this piece at one of my favorite antique shops. It has been well used and showing its age with a few dings; you know me, I think those dings add character. I love these oil cans. I remember playing with one of these in my Dad’s workshop. I loved to push the bottom of it and listen to that pop, pop, pop sound that they make. I would pretend to be Dorothy in the “Wizard of OZ”, oiling the tin man. I’m sure I put oil where it didn’t need to be in that work shop. The dog probably got a few squirts of it too.

The day actually warmed up with the sun shining this afternoon. The snow is beginning to melt off, but it has a long way to go before it’s gone. It will probably take a couple of weeks. It was warm enough for me to prime a vintage coffeepot outside. I have found that my family doesn’t like me spraying primer in the basement, hmmm, I wonder why. I hope to paint the coffeepot this weekend. I’m also working on another give way to post at the end of February. You will have to stay tuned for that one. Again, thank you for stopping by, I’m grateful for your visit.


Marie said...

It turned out great Willa. I love the background color. Keep that paint bruh movin' :) Have a fantastic weekend.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Willa ~
It is just to cute.
Happy Valentines Weekend!

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Oh, Willa! I HEART this so much. I have two old oil cans down stairs. I love them, this is a great idea, love-love-love it!!
I bet that dog didn't have fleas. LOL.
I so wish I painted and could have taken time to do this sorta thing during the winter blast. I know I've said it before, but you are so talented. A talent, I envy!

lizziebusy said...

I love it! It's gorgeous!!!

Lindsey said...

Hi Willa,
I found your blog through TJ at Willow Bend Prims. She is my soon to be mom in law. I just loveeee your tin can painting.looking forward to reading your blog. Stop by mine when you have time and say hello.
xo Linny

Angie Berry said...

What a sweet story behind your oil can, wonderful memories!

That is a cute sheep, and of course lovely prim tag!

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