Friday, February 5, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Boy, oh boy, the sky is certainly emptying its store house of snow. The white stuff came down most the day Friday and didn't let up overnight. We have 17 inches of snow and it's still falling. I might have to say UNCLE on this one. I love the white stuff but too much of anything is not a good thing.

This is a photo of a birdfeeder I have on our back deck. It’s on its last leg; I will need to buy a new one this spring. It’s been dropped a few times but fortunately it hasn’t been taken off by a bear. Every spring we have bears come up on our back deck so we have learned to bring the feeders in at night. It has seen it fair share of squirrel attacks. I thought I had it high enough but the squirrels are good jumpers; they land on it, hang upside down and empty the feeder in a matter of minutes. Our Border collie, SadieMae, sits at the deck door and chases them off. She has a doggy door that lets her out onto the deck. When she’s on patrol no squirrel in its right mind comes up on the deck.

Of course I painted while the snow has been falling. I finished one project and began another. I am also working on getting a couple of new pattern packets done and on Aly's Room. I'm also working on a giveaway and a free pattern giveway. Stay tuned for those. {{{Shiver}}}}, this cold weather puts me in the mood to paint and create but mainly I am finishing up things I started back in December.

Bummer, looks like church will be cancelled tomorrow. It was cancelled last week too due to snow. The first of the month we share a meal together following the morning service. This month it is soup, sandwiches and of course dessert. I found a new recipe for a soup I wanted to take to the meal and had planned on taking a homemade (batter and all)pineapple upside down cake. It's not really the meal that I will miss but the fellowship of Believers and the encouragement from the Bible that our Pastor shares. I don't think the roads and parking lots will be cleared by tomorrow since the storm looks like it will hang on til tonight.

Pull up a seat, let’s watch the snow together. Doesn’t the seat cushion look nice and soft and all comfy. My back is still sore from shoveling snow from the snowfall we had Tuesday night. We will have to use the snow blower this time around. Old Man Winter is having his last fling before spring arrives. I hope everyone who has a front row seat to this blizzard event is safe and warm inside.


Crafty Creations By Trish said...

Yep sure is dumping alot here in Maryland also :o( Great day for creating though.


Lynn said...

Willa, that sure is a whole bunch of snow you all are getting! I showed my husband the picture of the snow that is on your lawn chairs, and he said they probably would be very comfy with all that fluffy snow as cushions! I pray that the snow doesn't last long for you though, as I know it isn't good having snow on the highways and streets to drive on, or even having to just walk in either.

Hopefully it won't last long your way.. The weatherman on our news channel is calling for us to get some snow starting tomorrow evening into Monday or so.. Needless to say, I am sooo ready for spring, as I'm sure you probably are too!!

Take care, be safe, & stay warm now..


Lynn said...

Willa, just a quick note here to say Thank You so much for visiting my blog today and for leaving such a kind comment. You and your church are doing absolutely wonderful with all of your outreaching programs for helping others.. The caring acts of kindness and thoughtfulness is sooo wonderful..and helps out so many..

natfrack11 said...

Willa the snow looks beautiful! I would love to sit on the snow cushions :) We got 12 inches...I officially measured today. My parents got 17 inches (they live 10 miles away)

The Old Cupboard Door said...

LOL Natalie! Maybe we could share some coffee on the deck in those chairs. I'm so glad your wedding plans are coming together.

Lynn, I love the snow. I would have been disappointed if the snow missed us. I am so glad I found your lovely blog!

Trish, watching the weather it looks like parts of Maryland had a lot more snow than we did. We ended up with 2 feet of snow in our area.

Carmen The Olde FarmHouse Road said...

Hi Willa, beautiful picks! thanks so much hon for your kind and comforting comments on my blog as I am going through this awful ordeal. You are a beautiful person. God Bless you and yours. Carmen B.

Willow said...

Holy Moley Willa you sure got the mother load of snow there ! Love the pics. We got just under 3 inches and people panicked lol. Wow they would be in an uproar if we got what you did. Hope your weekend is wonderful.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Carol said...

Whoa! You sure did get a boat load of snow. Bears?! Oh, I fear bears. I guess I've watched too many bad bear movies. Our bears aren't that big around our area, but could still do ya harm if they got a hold of ya. We love to fee the little birdies too, and have had to fend off the squirrels as well. We see the little buggers in the trees now, but for some reason they don't snatch the bird seed anymore. Thanks for sharing Willa:) Hugs~Carol

Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

Okay, you win. I think you got way more than I did. LOL. And the chairs, they do look comfy but I think you should put a big snow ball on each chair, it'd look like snow people took a break from the winter weather. Maybe mold a couple glasses for them to enjoy some lemonade. LOL. Enjoy your snow! Stay warm and cozy.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Angie Berry said...

Yikes! That's lots of snow!

I know what you mean about getting together and fellowshipping with believers. The food is good, but I always go for the friendship. When our church is cancelled, I really miss getting to hear the Word from our preacher too.

I hope you can dig your way out of there soon.

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