Thursday, February 25, 2010

Folk Art Signs

I painted 2 folk art designs yesterday. They are designs by Kim Klassen. You will see more of her designs here as I simply love them and love painting them. This sign is painted on a 1x10x22 piece of pine. I have listed both signs in my Etsy shop. You can find my Etsy shop by clicking on the rabbit picture on the left.

My husband and I are off to Norfolk, VA today. Our daughter Aly goes to college in that area. She's moving closer to the college and her work so of course mom and dad are showing up just in time to help her move. Maybe we will find time for a walk on the beach.. We will be back home sometime on Saturday. It's nice to get away occasionally. Please excuse any mistakes, I'm in a rush to post this and finish packing. Enjoy your day!


Barb said...

Wishing you a safe and enjoyable trip.

Tracey said...

Willa, I bought the sign above, but got bumped off the internet just as I tried checking out. Email me if either it looks like it went through or not (I was going with paypal)
Thanks! I want that sign!

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Thanks Tracey! I emailed you and sent you a convo through Etsy.


Tina ~ Blessings Friends. said...

I bet she's so excited to see her momma and daddy! Enjoy your time with your daughter. Be safe.
BTW, your know I LOVE THAT!!!!

Angie Berry said...

I love that design! You do a wonderful job of painting Kim's style!

That's wonderful that you were able to be there for Aly! I hope you had a great time away. It's always so nice to do that. I hope you had time for the walk on the beach!

Have a wonderful week my dear friend~

Marie said...

I love this sign Willa. You did a fantastic job as usual :) Thanks for posting my giveaway on your blog :)

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