Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Snowing!

I love when it snows! I love watching the white flakes drift lazily to the ground. The fresh white coat makes the world look new in my eyes. And the sound of the snow falling; if you listen close enough you can actually hear the snow hit the dead dry leaves on the trees and ground. It's a peaceful sound that makes me think of winters gone by; the sound the Pioneers must have enjoyed on their homesteads.

Back to the present...I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and a nice comfy throw so I can sit by the patio door and watch the flakes fall. SadieMae, my Border Collie sits at my feet. She's an action girl. If there is action going on she's makes sure she's in the thick of it. But when I have a cup of coffee in my hands she knows she has to be good.

Speaking of SadieMae, I decided to grab my camera and take a picture of her in the snow. She's not happy about sitting still for a pose, but she did it anyway. I could almost hear her sigh with a hint of frustration. SadieMae came to our home by way of a rescue group. We had a Border Collie named Lily that died from complications of diabetes and SadieMae helped us through that time of grief. She is a bundle of energy and smart as a whip. She's a Frisbee gal. From her point of view, I can't play enough of it with her.

I took several pics of Sadie, I have 2 where she is looking at me, posed so sweetly and the rest are like this one where she is looking around, checking out what’s going on. One little sound and she will be off to investigate. A real bundle of energy and a wonderful member of our family.

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The Country Primitive Shoppe said...

Thanks for sharing your snow! We dont get any here in Florida and I miss it!!!

Carmen C. said...

Sadie Mae is a precious and very pretty girl:) I love watching the flakes come down too, just not driving in it:)

Teri said...

She's a beauty, Willa. My little Jack Russell, Belle, sat in the yard yesterday barking at snow flakes, so I understand about being distracted. LOL

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Good to see you over there.


Civil War Jill said...

She is beautiful and so sweet looking!!!

Libby said...

Willa, Sadie is so beautiful and such cute markings! Love those freckles!

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