Monday, December 14, 2009

Always learning

Don't you just love learning something new? It's extra wonderful if it's craft related. This new thing is not craft related but it is exciting none-the-less. It's something that will save me a lot of late nights. It's something that's very convenient for being a part of blog-land. I probably would have found out about it sooner if I would read directions or watch "how to" blog tuts, but who has time for that. I'd rather spend time learning by trial and error, it may take longer, and I may work up a good steam of frustration but in the end when I figure it out by myself, it's worth all the screaming, crying, and banging my head on the keyboard. So what is this thing I learned? I discovered that I can write my blog and then schedule it for publishing anytime I want, I can write it today and schedule it to be published next's WONDERFUL! Now, for those who know all about this already, I'm so happy for you but I need "my" moment of jubilation of discovery!

With that said, I have already scheduled a post to be published tonight at midnight. It's a post you don't want to miss, it's an offer for something free. Don't we all love free stuff? For those like me who might turn into a pumpkin if we stay up til midnight, you can catch it in the morning. Now, I just know I won't be able to go to sleep until I check to see if that scheduled post appears on time. Oh bother!

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