Monday, November 16, 2009

wInTRy bLeSSiNGs Sled

I cut out 2 sleds about 3 weeks ago. I am just now "getting around" to doing them. This one is finished and ready to go in my Etsy shop. With all the detail it took a couple of days to paint and finish. Whew! I'm glad it's done. I think I might retire this pattern, it simply is too time consuming. Maybe it's because I had to figure out what colors I wanted to use. On the positive side, it sure looks good sitting by my fireplace. The vibrant colors with the soft colors are very eye-catching. Does anyone else besides me struggle with wanting to keep a finished item. I want to keep this one but I already have a sled, well 2 sleds. There are other finished items I have wanted to keep too but I don't have the space for everything I paint, that's one reason I opened an Etsy shop so I can paint and paint and paint and not worry about filling up the attic, or the garage or the basement or the storage above the garage. Well, I'm glad this one is done. I hope it will be on it's way to someone's home where it can sit by their fireplace this winter.


Willow said...

Everytime I finish somethin' I wanna' keep it lol. I have a few items I wanna list on Ebay or even start a sellin' blog but......I look at 'em and I think well that would look good here.....or I could put it there lol So yepp I think we do struggle with our creations tuggin' at our heart strings.Beautiful sled btw. I need to visit your etsy shop.
Prim Huggs n Blessins

Jody said...

It turned out lovely!

Marie said...

It turned out great Willa! I love the colors you picked out.

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