Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What happened???

I apologize for keeping you waiting on the tutorial. We had unexpected guest arrive, well we knew they were coming but didn't know exactly when. My house was a mess from all my crafting and the spare bedroom was full of my finished items for Etsy. Needless to say I had to take a couple of days to clean my house and especially clear out the spare bedroom. We had the best time time while they were here. I hate it when they had to leave. Also, I've had orders to get out and trying to finish items for the Holiday Celebration with the Old Farmhouse Gathering Team on Etsy. It's been a whirlwind. But I am back on track and working to finish this tutorial. I have the instructions written and most of the pics taken. I need to redo some of the photos. I will finish the tutorial this evening and have it posted by the morning. Please stay tuned. I hope it will be worth it.

1 comment:

auntdeedee said...

Can't wait to see what you've created this time!!! LOL Mom LOVED the tutorial on the Jack O Lantern pokes (she especially loved the Snowman head ones I bought for her last year and she couldn't believe you also had the tutorial for that too!) You've been a busy girl!!!

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